Gray Jay

Recently I was reading a guide to birds of Algonquin Provincial Park, and it made me want to go bird-watching. I have always loved birds, so much so that I recieved birding guides as gifts when I was a child, and had practically memorized the Compact Guide to Atlantic Canadian Birds. Sometimes I would even go out to a swampy area near my home, and sit in the trees with a tiny pair of binoculars and try to spot birds out there. … More Gray Jay

Bear & Forest

I really love the look of using clipping masks over landscapes. Depending on the combination, they can make a very powerful impact. They are also extremely easy to make.

Man Falling

While this is a fairly simple looking image, a lot of work went into the editting of this photo. There was quite a bit of masking, colour-correcting and resizing involved. This work was created by combining 3 stock photos and editting them together in Photoshop.