The Moon Through the Trees

Trees and Moon

Painted by Alyssa Roche

A quick painting of the full moon shining through the trees. It was fun to experiment with a few different brushes in this piece.


Gray Jay


Painted by Alyssa Roche

Recently I was reading a guide to birds of Algonquin Provincial Park, and it made me want to go bird-watching. I have always loved birds, so much so that I recieved birding guides as gifts when I was a child, and had practically memorized the Compact Guide to Atlantic Canadian Birds. Sometimes I would even go out to a swampy area near my home, and sit in the trees with a tiny pair of binoculars and try to spot birds out there. I had strongly considered going to school to become an ornithologist. It would have been so interesting (but then again, there are so many interesting things to study)! Seeing the bird guide reminded me of that, so I decided to do a quick painting of a cute little gray jay.



Man Falling

While this is a fairly simple looking image, a lot of work went into the editing of this photo. There was quite a bit of masking, colour-correcting and resizing involved. This work was created by combining 3 stock photos and editting them together in Photoshop.